House Finch (male)

Jun. 2008

The usual suspects

Sometimes there is a lot of activity in the Elderberry tree just feet from my apartment balcony on warm still days or in the spring and autumn when the blue purple berries ripen. Other times things are pretty quiet but if there is one perennial avian resident, I would have to say that it's the house finches. In the mornings and if I'm there working on the computer to take notice, they perch on my small cloths line or root around in my succulents and planter boxes, posturing and calling back and forth excitedly to one another. As is typical with birds, the male sports the bright colors, red-pink chest-plumage in this case, and the females have the less conspicuous, more drab (here "sparrow-like") coloration. They're kind of loud neighbors but I enjoy their antics and would certainly miss them if they weren't around-

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